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About Accommodation
Are there shuttle buses between hotel and airport?
We don't provide shuttle bus service.
Please use a rental car or taxi.
What's the check-in time? Can I deposit luggage in the hotel before check-in time?
Check-in time is 14:00. Check-out time is 10:00. Luggage deposit is available at front desk.
May I post my luggage in advance?
Please note "Date+Check-in" and post to the following address. We will keep them for you at front desk.
Post Address
Address Post Code 907-0024 218, 1585 Banchi, Arakawa,Ishigaki Shi, Okinawa Ken
Hotel Name Sakura Resort Hotel Ishigaki
TEL 0980-87-6015
If you need your luggage to be posted back too, please send as "Round-trip Post" in advance so that you don't have to fill the label out one more time.
Please contact express company for details.
Please be aware of busy period of luggage post and arrange post date accordingly.
Besides, luggage restriction is strictly ruled by Air Law.
If there were spray cans, chargers, lighters and fireworks etc. in the luggage, they only can be deliverd by ship and it takes around 10 days.
Please confirm all regulations with express company before posting.
Can I send luggage out from the hotel?
It's ok. However, Yamato Transport only provides COD post.
COD label can be offered by front desk and please fill it out and hand it with luggage to the front desk.
Can I pay by credit card?
AMEX, DINERS, JCB, UC, VISA, Mastercard etc. are available.
Please note the size of rooms.
Standard twin room : 32m², Balcony : 6m²
Standard twin room(with loft) : 32m², Balcony : 6m², Loft : 13m²
Deluxe twin room(with loft) : 44m², Balcony : 10m², Loft : 13m²
Are there non-smoking rooms?
No smoking in this hotel including guest rooms. Please use smoking area when smoking.
Inside hotel & about entertainment
Can I access to Internet in the room?
All rooms are able to access to free Wi-Fi.
Please set your devices and access to Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi is also available in other facilities of hotel, please contact our staff to get password.
May I reserve activities at the hotel?
Sorry we don't have this service, please contact reservation centres directly.
But we are providing consultation service on activities, please do not hesitate to contact the front desk.
Are snorkels and swimming rings rental available?
Sorry there is no rental and selling service in the hotel.
Please note the time needed from Ishigaki Island to outlying islands.
There are 3 vessel companies operating speedboats to go to outlying islands.
To Taketomi Island : 10 mins.
To Kohama Island : 30 mins.
To Iriomote Island(Ohara Harbor) : 45 mins.
To Kuro Island : 30 mins.
To Hateruma Island : 60 mins.
Vessel operation might be cancelled due to sea state, please confirm before starting off.
Are there any infants/children's supplies rental service?
We are providing free baby beds if needed.
There are high chairs and children dishware prepared in the restaurant.
Are there golf courses nearby?
There are two short-hole golf courses in the island.
There is a long-hole course named Kohama Island Country Club at Kohama Island, and it takes 30 mins from Ritou Terminal by high speed boat. Please contact following for reservation.
Name Kohama Island Country Club
Address Post code 907-1221 2954 Kohama Agariomote, Taketomi chou, Yaeyama gun, Okinawa ken
TEL 0120-83-6314
Fax 0980-84-6224
Off day None
About Mt.Yae islands
When is typhoon period?
It depends on. According to the statistics, between June to Oct., it would be influenced by typhoon 1-2 times every month.
When is the rainy period?
Usually it starts after Japan's "golden week" in May, and ends around late June.
Differing from other areas, Mt. Yae's rainy period would not last for whole day but short thundershower like, sometimes it would be sunny afterwards.
Are there any good places worth going if going to outlying islands?
Vessels to go to outlying islands are available at "Ishigaki Harbor Ritou Terminal"
It takes 15 mins from hotel by car. Please be noted that the final run's schedule will be altered according to seasons.
Bus : 3 mins' walking from hotel to go to "Fusaki Resort" Bus Stop.
Please take "Kabira Resort Line" and take off at "Bus Terminal". It takes about 20 mins. Due to the few run please confirm timetable before taking.
Is there hospital on Ishigaki Island?
There is Okinawa Kenritu Yaeyama Hospital on the island.(General hospital). Outpatient: Mon.-Fri. 08:00-11:00 Emergency is provided in the afternoon and nighttime.
TEL: 0980-82-4053